Pure Oxygen Infusion Facial

Oxygen infusion facial treatment involves a machine that sprays highly concentrated molecules of oxygen right in the outer layer of your skin. Because your skin will look amazing for four to seven days, it’s best to do it for a big event or special occasion like a wedding, work party or important presentation.

Depending on the results you desire for your oxygen infusion facial treatment, there several serum options that each contain a targeted blend of hyaluronic acid, botanical extracts, antioxidants, peptides and/or vitamins. Hyaluronic acid is a key ingredient because it is a molecule that is naturally found in our skin. It attracts and binds moisture which helps the skin look firmer and more hydrated.

Everyone’s skin is unique which is why we take a personalized approach to every oxygen infusion facial appointment. We first will cleanse and exfoliate your skin before analyzing it to determine which infusion blend would be best for you.

During your oxygen infusion facial, 90% to 95% of pure oxygen is delivered to your skin without any discomfort. It will simply feel like a blast of cool air on the skin. The entire process takes between 30 to 60 minutes.

Benefits of an oxygen infusion facial

These are the main advantages to getting oxygen infusion facial treatment:

     1. Boosts collagen production

      Collagen is the most abundant protein in your body and essential to your health. It promotes skin elasticity, holds together your muscles and protects your organs. As collagen production reduces with age, wrinkles start to appear. An oxygen infusion facial boosts collagen production which reduces fine lines and wrinkles.

      2. No painful side effects

A major bonus of the oxygen infusion facial treatment is that it doesn’t cause any side effects like swelling, stinging and irritation. It is great for people who have sensitive skin and prefer to avoid chemical treatments.

      3. Detoxifies the skin

The oxygen infusion facial removes all of the impurities on the top layover of your skin and boosts the detoxification process by using the nutrients and vitamins infused in the oxygen. The treatment also offsets the effects of pollution, sun exposure and diet fluctuation.

      4. Your makeup looks better

When your skin is dry, you can see it through the make up. When you put on makeup after your oxygen infusion facial, it actually looks even more beautiful because your skin is like a clean canvas. It is more hydrated, smoother and plump.

      5. Accelerates cell regeneration

All of our skin cells have a limited lifetime and when they die, new cells replace them. Because oxygen is essential for cell regeneration, it increases the rate at which new cells grow. When you get an oxygen infusion facial treatment, you’re giving your skin cells more essential oxygen.

      6. Moisturizes Your Skin

Sun exposure, pollution and dust can remove your skin’s natural moisture content, leaving your skin dry. The oxygen infusion facial deeply moisturizes your skin and helps shield it from damaging sun rays.

      7. Heals acne

Acne happens when skin cells are clogged from dirt and oils. This causes pores to be enlarged. The oxygen infusion facial helps shrink the pores so your skin accumulates less dust and dirt. After your treatment, your face will be glowing longer.

      8. Speedy recovery

Unlike other skin treatments, there is no recovery time after you finish your oxygen infusion facial treatment.  

     You can conveniently go back to your regular skin care regimen and apply your usual creams, lotions or makeup almost immediately.

     Review Oxygen Infusion

     If you would like your skin to stay healthy and nourished and to look as young as possible, then using the oxygen infusion therapy is the best way to go. This procedure is exactly what it says it is. Providing the skin with an all-over youthful appearance with the use of oxygen. Breathing life into your skin has never been easier. Get directly to the root of the problem with the use of this treatment and others that you find out there. With no side effects, this is a safe and very effective way to get a better look and feel.

Duration 30-45 minutes

Price: $160

New Customer Price: $129