Circadia Enzyme Peels

Enzyme peel is a type of chemical exfoliator, which utilizes natural enzymes that dissolve dead skin cells. To clarify, these enzymes are proteins that accelerate chemical reactions within the body and occur naturally. In fact, there are several different types of enzymes, however most skincare formulations utilize protein-degrading enzymes (protease) that are derived from fruits. For example, these are some of the most commonly used fruit enzymes in skincare products:

  • Papain – enzyme of papaya

  • Bromelain – enzyme found in pineapple

  • Pumpkin pulp – one of the most potent fruit enzymes

  • Ficin – fig extract enzyme

  • Actinidin – enzyme found in kiwi, mango, banana, papaya, pineapple

Similarly, fruit enzymes act like AHAs, but are more mild and gentle to the skin. Because enzymes work only on a skin surface level and exfoliate only dead and damaged skin cells, they do NOT cause damage to the healthy living cells and don’t cause skin irritation or peeling like chemical peels do. That is to say, enzymatic peels are ideal for sensitive, delicate, dry, acne-prone, irritated and dull skin, or for those who can’t tolerate AHAs.

Benefits Of Enzyme Peel


One of the main advantages of enzyme face peel is its ability to gently exfoliate skin without causing irritation while providing immediate visible results. Even though an enzyme peel is more mild and doesn’t exfoliate skin as deep as alpha/beta hydroxy peels do, it still provides many benefits similar to chemical peels. In fact, enzyme peel is mainly known for its superb brightening and rejuvenating properties. Here’s a more extended list of enzyme peel benefits:

  • Reveals brighter complexion

  • Evens out skin tone

  • Improves skin texture

  • Reduces age spots, sun damage and pigmentation

  • Improves appearance of scars

  • Minimizes fine lines & wrinkles

  • Refines pores

  • Improves overall appearance of skin

  • Improves product absorption

  • Safe for sensitive and irritated skin

  • Doesn’t increase sun sensitivity

Indications and Contraindications


• Pigment spots
• Acne and post acne marks
• All skin types, including sensitive couperose-prone skin
• Suitable for people with wheatish complexion
• Superficial wrinkles and fine lines
• Clogged pores (comedones, miliums)
• Uneven texture and dull skin tone
• Loose skin
• Skin debris
• Skin that has been exposed to the sunlight and is showing the signs of photoaging
• Preparation for more serious skin treatments.


• Intolerance of any ingredient of the enzyme peel solution
• Exacerbation of skin disorders
• Pancreatic diabetes and other diseases that lead to lowered immune functioning
• Any damage to skin surface
• Active herpes episode.


Advantages of the Enzyme Peel

1. It is gentler than light superficial peels using fruit acids, although the effects from both are similar.

2. It can be performed all year round.

3. It is suitable for all skin types, even the skin that is prone to irritations and skin with telangiectasias and vascularity spots, because it affects skin’s surface gently and incorporates no abrasive particles.

4. Any skin care products applied after the peel treatment penetrate skin more easily; their efficacy is higher thanks to the removal and shredding of the horny layer.

5. It can be used as an express peel as it has immediate results.

6. No recuperative period is required; there is no skin flaking or hyperemia.

7. It can be performed at home after consultation with a cosmetologist.

8. The enzymes slow down the growth of facial hair and make hair stems thinner. Enzyme hair removal is actually based on this fact.

9. It can be used to exfoliate skin on hands and body.

10. It is a good alternative to chemical peels, if a patient is intolerable to acids or long use of AHAs and other exfoliation treatments finally causes the habituation effect.

11. If there are indications, it can be used during pregnancy and lactation.


An enzyme peel is not the way to get rid of serious skin problems such as deep wrinkles or scars.
Complications are possible, including exacerbation of acne, dermatitis, episode of herpes infection, allergy.
One should be careful not to overuse the enzyme peels as it may lead to reverse effects. Otherwise, one may end up with dry skin and dull face tone due to damage to skin’s natural protection.

Pre-peel preparation

One day prior to the peel treatment one should not use products containing acids and retinol. Hair removal is prohibited. An enzyme peel should not be performed after dermabrasion and laser skin resurfacing until the recovery period is over.

Enzyme treatments work by dissolving the cellular debris on the surface of the skin for a fresher, brighter appearance. Enzyme treatments produce results similar to a light chemical peel, but no layers of skin are removed, which prevents the skin from becoming thin, dry, and aged so enzyme treatments are a good substitute for chemical peels during the summer.


Enzyme treatments by Circadia all use a combination of natural enzymes including bromelain (found in pineapples), papin (found in papayas), and trypsin.

Cocoa Enzyme Treatment

Circadia’s Cocoa Enzyme Treatment is safe and effective on all skin types, but is especially helpful for patients with rosacea or acne. The delicious smelling Cocoa Enzyme Treatment can be used alone, as a pre-extraction treatment, or with a Circadia Oxygen RX Treatment.

Raspberry Enzyme Treatment

Circadia’s Raspberry Enzyme Treatment is best for patients who have photo damaged skin or those with pigmentation concerns. The Raspberry Enzyme Treatment can be used alone or 2 weeks before and after a Circadia SWiCH treatment to help hyperpigmentation.

Zymase Enzyme Treatment

Circadia’s Zymase Enzyme Treatment is the most potent of the Circadia Enzyme Treatments and it uses citrus fruits to treat thicker, keratinized skin. The citrus extracts add anti-aging Vitamin C to the treatment for a mild exfoliation. The Zymase Enzyme Treatment is most effective when it is performed every 2 weeks. 

Duration: 60 minutes

Price: $ 130

New customer price: $99